The Subtle and the Matreial


Dear friends,


Our soul comes from the divine source. Every soul therefore automatically has an intrinsic connection to the Source.

For this reason, when we seek the divine, it is not somewhere far away from us, we can find it within ourselves.

However, we can also find it with regard to the Earth, in nature and in our bodies.

Because the physical dimension in which we live here on the Earth has no less of an intrinsic connection to the divine.

Many people on the spiritual path often have an unconscious aversion to the material world.

Even though there is still much confusion, suffering and manipulation on the Earth, it is nevertheless so that the physical dimension also has this divine connection. We should therefore value the material as much as the subtle.

Your Christina

With live translation into English!

LoveStream 22
On Saturday, 16 September
from Planet One in in Arbon,
15:00- 18:00 CET

Tickets for online participation (incl. recording) are available here:
(EUR/CHF 39.- plus VAT)

Topics will be, for example:
- Will there be a liberation of the Earth or is it already underway?
- What is currently happening on the subtle level?
- How can I best connect with light-filled beings?
- What are the most important things for us do now?
- What is the matrix and what happens when we move out of it?
- What happens when we die and where do we end up?
And much more.

For those who are unable to afford this at the moment, it is, as always, possible to apply for a 50% discount code for online tickets (even if you have already asked for them once or more) at: [email protected]

You can also send us questions for the LoveStream.

We are very much looking forward to being with you and creating our common field of the light and love!

Your Christina, Nicola and Team





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