See the Divine

Dear friends
When we are connected to our heart and when we feel love, then it is natural for us to help others, to have compassion and an understanding for other people and for ourselves.
The intention behind the current measures etc. is to separate us even more from these natural things. I say "even more" because, as I see it, many people must have already been separated from love to some degree even before these measures came into force. If this had not been the case, it would have been impossible for such measures to have been introduced in the first place, because they do not reflect what human beings are by nature.
Because by their very nature, the core of the human being is love.
Our soul is based on love. That's why souls look so beautiful. Sometimes I'm allowed to see people's souls. When I'm allowed to do that, I'm always enchanted. Souls look so beautiful. It can't be described in words. 
We should learn to see this beauty again. For everything that is ensouled has this beauty. We should maintain this knowledge and the ability to see it, in the present times as well.
It's up to us how we bring the light here to the Earth. But what we absolutely need for this is to turn our eyes to the divine.
Your Christina

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