Our inner guidance


Dear friends,

We all have our own inner guidance. This is our intuition. Through our intuition we can consciously be aware of our soul and feel what is right for us. When it comes down to it, we ourselves are the only ones who know where our soul path leads. Other people can give us ideas, but only we ourselves can really feel what is right for us. In society we have been programmed to hand over our responsibility and guidance for our own lives to other people. That is why it's good to keep reminding ourselves that we ourselves are responsible for our own lives and that each one of us has our own inner guidance. However, this doesn't mean we have to do everything on our own, but it challenges us to take back the power we have for our own lives and not to give it away to others. If we do that, we can use our creative power much more consciously.

 This will enable us to follow the path of our heart more and more courageously. 


Your Christina

And here is an announcement that we have been made aware of from many different sides

Today, 1 May 2023 at 06:06 pm BST (Live start 04:00 pm)

is obviously a very important date on the subtle level, which will transform down onto the gross material level.

There is a huge, worldwide meditation taking place, in which several hundred thousand people will probably be participating.  

So if your inner guidance tells you that it would be right for you to participate, together and simultaneously with the collective of those wishing to help, in establishing a more positive timeline for the coming time, the link is below.

Please be aware of providing your individual protection, because such big events are ALWAYS infiltrated by the unlight to a certain degree...




Your Christina and team







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